Not Too Busy

Hello again!  Has it really been 3 weeks since I’ve been here?!?  Oh, my.  I haven’t been idle.  Not by a long shot.  I’ve been praying for years now for one boring day.  I’m not greedy.  Just one.   I suppose it’s possible that I would like it entirely too much.  Probably I would just really hate it.  And God is the giver of every good thing, so I guess that’s why this prayer has been left hanging.  Now I get it.  Sooooo, I’ll start praying for something else.  Organization sounds like a good thing to ask for.  I learned my lesson on asking for Patience.  Not going there again.

So, what have I been busy doing, you ask?  Well, remember that list of Twelve UFO’s for 2012?  Of course, I have lots more than 12 unfinished projects, but I had to pick only 12 and that actually made the list seem more like a small ravine and less like the Grand Canyon.  And as of today, it’s shorter still!  Yea for me!

The mini scrap quilt is finished!  I used Big Stitch Quilting.  For the binding, I used the “piano key” strips that were leftover from the big quilt.  I couldn’t decide how to quilt the sashing, so I didn’t.  I know it isn’t fancy.  Finished is finished.  Right?

The Civil War day dress I was altering for a lady in my United Daughters of the Confederacy chapter is done.  She bought it elsewhere, but it needed a little help.  So I added a hem facing and white collar.  It had a gusset on each side of the bodice, adding about 4″ around the waist that she didn’t need.  I took them out and then reattached the skirt (readjusting the pleats).  Adding the white trim took a little while.  I just didn’t know what I wanted to do.   I think it turned out rather nice.

Alright.  Two down, ten more to go!  I’m on a roll!  Cooking with gas!  No stopping me now!

In the meantime, I got sort of, um, distracted.  I was at Jo-Ann’s and had a little accident.  There I was, walking around pushing my little green cart, minding my own business and whammo!  Stuff jumped off the rack and forced me to buy it!  Honestly, that’s how it happened!  Sadly, I am the only witness.

So now I have a couple of little purse frames.  I’m thinking of making one coin-purse-size and another a little longer.  The other day I was at my favorite thrift store and got a large size 100% cotton, Christmas-red, velvet shirt-jacket thing.  Just perfect for my purses.  I would have already started this project, but I want to line them with some cream-colored, satiny remnant I keep finding when I’m not looking for it and now have no idea where it is.   So it is set aside for another day.

Right after Christmas, the Temecula Quilt Co. was doing a Mini Mystery Sampler Quilt called The Twelve Days of Christmas.  Every day, for 12 days, they gave another 3 1/2″ block.  Well, I had some very special fabric that was just sitting around feeling lonely, so I decided to try it.  I made the twelve blocks, but haven’t gotten any further.  As you can see, the number of pieces in each block corresponds with the day number.  The first day is only one fabric, the second day has two fabrics, etc.  So that’s set aside for another day.

Then one day a couple of weeks ago I saw a twirly pinwheel block somewhere in computerland.  I don’t know.  Maybe it has a real name.  And since I still had quite a bit of that very special lonely fabric, thought I’d give it a try.  These will be 4″ blocks when I’m done.  But for now it’s set aside for another day.

So, one of the things on my little ravine sized-list is the Dear Jane quilt.  Four more blocks finished!  They all have a little applique and I’ve saved most of that for another day.   But recently I learned a method that seems to be working better for me and I’m not nearly as intimidated as I used to be.  However, there was one block that I got almost finished when I discovered that it really didn’t look exactly like Jane’s.  And I really didn’t like my fabric choice.  So, started all over with another fabric.  But after it was almost done, I really didn’t like my new fabric choice either!  When I checked, the selvage edge said it was 1890s fabric.  Oh for crying out loud!  I can’t use that! The whole kit and caboodle got set aside for another day.

And then I’ve been taking a Jo Morton quilt class and once a month I’m supposed to sew a little doll-sized quilt…..yeah, sure.  As of now, I’ve got patterns and instructions for 3 quilts.  Right after Christmas I started the second one.  Yes, the second one.  The reason I’m not going to be sewing the first one would take too much time and I don’t want to go into it.  So, as I was busily making a million little triangles for quilt number two, I ran into a snag.  I didn’t have enough of the right fabric and the quilt store is like only about 110 miles away.  And then, after the next class, I tried really hard to find just the right fabric and it wasn’t there.  But I’m desperate, so I try to find any old fabric that might possibly work.  They didn’t have any of that either.  I even got a classmate to help.  She wasn’t at all.  I’ve looked and looked.  Really I have.  Been to two other quilt stores.  I have all these half squares and nothing to make them into squares.   So with a really big sigh, I have set these aside for another day.

Also, since New Years I have:  taught a Dear Jane quilt class; visited a quilt show (only 85 miles from here); attended a Women’s Clothing seminar on 1830’s; quilted with my friends; put a new sewing machine on layaway; joined a woman’s Bible study; was a docent one afternoon at our historical museum; went to a meeting of my Civil War unit (only like a 250 mile trip); collected about 114 eggs; started working on a secret project; went to church some; brushed the dog; and worked at my day job.  And washed my sheets.

Happy Sewing!

Mrs. Clark


About Imagine It's Finished

Howdy! I am a 50-something wife and mother with two daughters and two sons-in-law. And I love, love, love to sew. I quilt and especially like to hand piece. I prefer to hand quilt, too. Mr. Clark and I are Civil War reenactors, so I make all my own clothes, even my corset and hoops! We live in a small town in northern Arizona with our dog, two cats and eight chickens. I'm a little ADD with a touch of OCD and a rather addictive streak. Which means I start a project, but then I get distracted and start another project, and then get bored and start another project.... One day I realized that most of the blogs I read are by women who finish everything they start. But I suspect there are lots of women just like me. This is my journey.
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One Response to Not Too Busy

  1. Catherine Prater says:

    Phew!! You have been busy lady!! I’m tired just reading about it! See you tomorrow. I’m feeling better and I don’t think I’m contagious so – here I come Sew N Sowers.

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