Here at Imagine It’s Finished, sewing projects aren’t the only thing we have trouble with.  This is a sad, unavoidable truth.  Though most things in my life can be avoided, the truth isn’t one of them.

Here’s the story.  Sunday I was sitting in church and having a terrible time following the sermon.  Our pastor was skipping all over the Bible.  Reading verses everywhere.  I was having a terrible time keeping up and got more than a little confused.  I have no idea who is at fault here, me or the pastor.  The fact that Mr. C fell asleep and dropped his Bible on the floor might be an additional clue.

So when I am having trouble following along, I do what comes naturally.  My mind wanders.  The sermon wasn’t the only thing that was meandering that morning.  I was thinking about the great finds we got yardsale-ing on Saturday.   About the field trip on Monday with my quilting friends.  About what we were going to have for lunch.  And then I thought about the Kay Arthur Bible study I started back in February, but quit after only a few classes.  Ouch!  I didn’t really want to think about that.  But for some reason, I decided that instead of berating myself for yet another failure, I should sort of analyze it.  So, with nothing else demanding my attention, I did just that.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before or not, but I am rather ADD.  Lest you get it confused with ADHD, let me explain.  Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder means you can’t pay attention and you can’t sit still either.  However, with just plain Attention Deficit Disorder, your body can sit very nicely, but your mind has left the building. [Granted, this explanation is extremely over-simplified, but works well for my story.]  The reason I know so much about this is because Precious Daughter #2 is intensely, exceptionally, excessively ADHD.  I know first hand the joys and heartbreak that comes with parenting such a child.  However, for the purpose of this story, I’ll just mention one aspect.  Learning.  When Precious Daughter #2 finished 4th grade, Mr. C and I decided we were done with public education.  So, we took on the colossal task of educating her ourselves.  It was the most wonderful thing we’ve ever done, but more on that another day.  Actually, the task of education fell on my shoulders.   The first year was really hard.  One reason for that is we started out in math using the same curriculum the school used.  When, after about 6 weeks, that didn’t seem to be working.  So, we just went back to the beginning of the book and started all over.  After only a few days, I discovered the problem.  She didn’t really know addition.  Oh, she could figure out 7+2 was 9, but only after counting on her fingers.  Here I was trying to teach multiplication to my 5th grader who was adding and subtracting with the aid of her fingers.  That’s when the light went on over my head.  This is a very smart child.  She had managed to make it through the fourth grade without anyone knowing she just didn’t “get” math.  The problem wasn’t her ability.  The problem was that no one had taught her in the way she could learn.  I am so grateful God taught me this lesson early on because it saved us a lot of frustration.  Teaching a child in the way they can learn is actually not very difficult.  It’s not really anything special.  But the benefits are amazing.

So, there I was sitting in church thinking about another Kay Arthur Bible study that I have “failed”.  Why is that?  She is a wonderful teacher.  I’ve heard her speak and I could sit for hours and listen to her.  Everyone says her Bible studies are fantastic.  And they are.  I’ve started 4 0r 5 or 6 of them.  They are deep and enlightening.  And I can never get past a few chapters.   Why is that?  That’s when the good Lord spoke to me.  (You see where I’m going here, don’t you?)  Kay Arthur’s style of Bible study works really well for her.  And it works really well for a lot of people.  But it doesn’t work well for me.  I need to be taught in a way I can learn.  Kay Arthur’s method just doesn’t.  That doesn’t make it a bad study method.  And it sure doesn’t make me a bad person.   Even if I’m the only one I know who can’t seem to do it.  Maybe you can understand what a relief this is!

I don’t really know where else this is taking me.   Life is a journey.  And as my first quilt teacher taught me:  THE JOY IS IN THE JOURNEY.

Have a blessed day!

Mrs. Clark

Oh, and I’m thinking, now that it’s spring, I should change the picture at the top of my page.  Maybe next week.


About Imagine It's Finished

Howdy! I am a 50-something wife and mother with two daughters and two sons-in-law. And I love, love, love to sew. I quilt and especially like to hand piece. I prefer to hand quilt, too. Mr. Clark and I are Civil War reenactors, so I make all my own clothes, even my corset and hoops! We live in a small town in northern Arizona with our dog, two cats and eight chickens. I'm a little ADD with a touch of OCD and a rather addictive streak. Which means I start a project, but then I get distracted and start another project, and then get bored and start another project.... One day I realized that most of the blogs I read are by women who finish everything they start. But I suspect there are lots of women just like me. This is my journey.
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