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Howdy! I am a 50-something wife and mother with two daughters and two sons-in-law. And I love, love, love to sew. I quilt and especially like to hand piece. I prefer to hand quilt, too. Mr. Clark and I are Civil War reenactors, so I make all my own clothes, even my corset and hoops! We live in a small town in northern Arizona with our dog, two cats and eight chickens. I'm a little ADD with a touch of OCD and a rather addictive streak. Which means I start a project, but then I get distracted and start another project, and then get bored and start another project.... One day I realized that most of the blogs I read are by women who finish everything they start. But I suspect there are lots of women just like me. This is my journey.

Broken Sewing Machine = Clean House

Have you ever seen the little sign that says:  “A clean house is the sign of a broken sewing machine”?  Well, my sweet little “Elizabeth” is in the shop getting a tune-up.  However, lest you jump to any conclusions, my … Continue reading

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I’m back!

Okay.  Here I am.  Geez.  I haven’t posted since May?  I can explain!  It all started when Mom and Dad showed up.  Okay, maybe it isn’t ALL their fault.  I can spread the blame around.  You’ll see. The truth is, … Continue reading

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Here at Imagine It’s Finished, sewing projects aren’t the only thing we have trouble with.  This is a sad, unavoidable truth.  Though most things in my life can be avoided, the truth isn’t one of them. Here’s the story.  Sunday … Continue reading

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Procrastination Central

Have you ever noticed that once you set some project aside, it somehow becomes easy (convenient even) to keep setting it aside?  Putting IT at the bottom of the list….and keeping IT there.  Once I start avoiding some project/job/chore/hmmm, it … Continue reading

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Secret Projects, Roosters, and Day Caps

Any moment now I think I will go running, screaming, into the woods.  The fact that I don’t really live near any woods is beside the point.  It’s a good thing I could not possibly run to where the woods … Continue reading

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Not Too Busy

Hello again!  Has it really been 3 weeks since I’ve been here?!?  Oh, my.  I haven’t been idle.  Not by a long shot.  I’ve been praying for years now for one boring day.  I’m not greedy.  Just one.   I suppose … Continue reading

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New T-shirt Only Better

I realized after posting the 12 UFOs with pictures and everything that those were only the things I’ve actually, to one degree or another, started.  It did not even begin to approach the projects for which I have a pattern … Continue reading

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