2012 UFO Challenge

I discovered a UFO Challenge on Judy Laquidara’s blog and decided to join.  So, here are my 12 UFOs (in no particular order):

  1. Dear Jane quilt – 47 blocks and 56 triangles left to do.  This is being sewn by hand in Civil war reproduction prints (sorry, no picture).
  2.  Civil War “Jane” – only 98 more blocks to go.  This is also done in Civil War reproduction fabrics and sewn by hand.  One day it will cover our bed at Civil War reenactments.
  3. Red, White and Blue full-size quilt.  Needs to be quilted.
  4. Alter/lengthen sleeves on Civil War work dress.
  5. Add trim to Civil War dress for Kathy.  Finished most of the other work on this dress.
  6. Remove trim and fix neckline, then make new trim for Civil War sheer dress (hopefully before summer!).
  7. Finish cutting out pieces and start sewing on Second Hand Clothes quilt.  Using Civil War reproduction fabrics and sewing by hand.  Now that I found the background fabric, I can get working on it.
  8. Pink, Purple and green doll quilt.
  9. Make clothes for Civil War reproduction doll.  She’s been nekkid for far too long!
  10. Quilt Christmas table topper.
  11. Finish quilting mini scrap quilt.
  12. Applique stars on bib of secessionist apron.  Then finish assembly.  Sorry, no picture of this one.

Well, that’s the list of projects I’ve already started.  What is blatantly missing are all the projects I have floating around in my head.  Or the ones that I have yet to come up with this year.   But I have high hopes.

Happy Sewing!

Mrs. Clark


About Imagine It's Finished

Howdy! I am a 50-something wife and mother with two daughters and two sons-in-law. And I love, love, love to sew. I quilt and especially like to hand piece. I prefer to hand quilt, too. Mr. Clark and I are Civil War reenactors, so I make all my own clothes, even my corset and hoops! We live in a small town in northern Arizona with our dog, two cats and eight chickens. I'm a little ADD with a touch of OCD and a rather addictive streak. Which means I start a project, but then I get distracted and start another project, and then get bored and start another project.... One day I realized that most of the blogs I read are by women who finish everything they start. But I suspect there are lots of women just like me. This is my journey.
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3 Responses to 2012 UFO Challenge

  1. Tanya Smith says:

    I have one of those#9’s too. I purchased a book from the local thrift store that has dool clothing patterns. I cannot wait to see what you come up with.

  2. Anne H says:

    Two Jane quilts!! That is amazing, someday I will tackle one of those and I might finish it before I die. Good luck, I can’t wait to see your progress.

  3. Elaine Ketchum says:

    At least you are aware of your UFO’s, mine are hidden in my sewing closet, so should I drag them all out and start counting? Gosh that sounds really tiring…I was going to shop at the quilt store for after Christmas fabric sales, but I stopped myself.

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